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Myth and Symbol Circle

This is a pay-what's-aligned offering that allows everyone to enter into this sacred space.

In this new quarterly Myth & Symbol Circle series, we will look at feminine myths from different cultures and soak in the wisdom they offer once we remove the distorting lens of patriarchy. Through this mythic reclamation and by recognizing signs and symbols in our own lives, we will begin to embody a new wisdom that will guide us.

You choose what you pay for this experience. To help you decide a price that’s aligned, consider both the value you will receive as well as the love, expertise and experience our team pours into this monthly offering. Whatever you pay, we receive your gift with the same love and reverence. 

Entering into the gift economy is a new experience for us, and we thank you for exploring it with us. 

May we be blessings to one another on this journey to self-sovereignty. 


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