$1.00 USD or more

Meet Her At the Altar

This is a pay-what's-aligned offering that allows everyone to enter into this sacred space that we open each month. 

Welcome to our foray into the gift economy!

We are offering a sacred service that is unlike any you grew up with. Led by a rotating group of priestesses from across the world, we invite you into an energetic exchange that allows us to curate and cultivate this community offering that provide us with the spiritual grounding many of us long for.

Our team and guest priestesses brings their own wisdom and experience to both the preparation and the facilitation of this sacred space. Each service will connect you with your own innate knowing, through archetypal explorations, ritual, song, meditation, sharing and more.

This may be the "church" your soul's been yearning for.

We want you to choose what you pay for this experience. To help you decide what's aligned, consider both the value you will receive and the love, expertise and experience our team pours into this monthly offering. Whatever you pay, we receive your gift with the same love and reverence. 

Entering into the gift economy is a new experience for us, and we thank you for stepping into it with us. 

May we be blessings to one another on this journey to self-sovereignty. 

What you'll get:

  • One 1.5 hour virtual gathering including ritual, embodiment & tools for connecting to your own deeper wisdom & unique spirituality
  • Live circle sharing time
  • Recording of the event.