Does your inner voice conflict with the world's idea of holy? 


There is a reason for the resulting confusion, and there is a way through it. 


All mainstream Western religions are interpreted through a male lens, creating theologies that elevate maleness and masculine ways of being and understanding the world.

I felt this intuitively, and ten years ago when I wrote my first book, Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga, I set out to explain this gap we experience as women—to others and to myself. 


Are you ready to align your insides with your outsides?


We will build several bridges together as we untangle the theologies we've inherited. We will use Sophia—Greek for wisdom—as our guide. Sophia is both an archetype and a conceptual understanding present in the sacred texts of Christianity and Judaism.


Sophia reminds us that we can trust the wisdom

that resides in our bodies.


We will bridge the divides between our theology and our inner knowing; between our intellect, spirit and bodies; and between us and faith traditions outside of our own.

We will delve into ancient mystical practices within Christianity, drawing from their contemplative wisdom and incorporating yogic embodiment to reconnect our bodies and spirit.

Written from a Christian understanding of faith, this class will appeal to those feeling unsettled in their current faith understanding, whether Christian or not. 


"Sophia bridges so many unnecessary gaps in our lived experiences, reconnecting us to the sacred feminine and to our own bodies—two key connection points missed by religion."


In this course—based on Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga—we develop intellectual curiosity and embodied practices that will move us from confusion to clarity.


Reclamation in Community

We will journey together from confusion to clarity, reconnecting with our own bodies and our wisdom, personified by Sophia. Classes meet on Zoom on the on the following Tuesdays in July & August at 7 pm ET / 6 pm Central Time. Classes will be 1.5 hours each. Recordings and an online classroom, including a digital copy of Sophia Rising, will be accessible to all who register.


Tuesday 7/12
Tuesday 7/19
Tuesday 7/26
Tuesday 8/2
Tuesday 8/9
Tuesday 8/16


A beautiful print version of the book will be mailed to each student.

Ready to Meet Sophia


Monette Chilson


An excavator of our sacred feminine lineage, Monette Chilson founded WomanSpirit Reclamation to support women in navigating their awakening from patriarchal indoctrination through online courses and community.

She has written and spoken about the divine feminine for the past decade, authoring Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga and My Name is Lilith, in addition to editing Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves and developing its companion curriculum.

Monette’s work has been featured in national magazines including Yoga Journal and Integral Yoga Magazine and in the anthologies Yoga Wisdom and Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak.

Sophia: A Guide to Your Own Embodied Wisdom


Join a group of women who are ready to venture into the landscape of our inner lives, tuning into the wisdom that is there and finding outer expressions of that wisdom that move beyond the intellectual to include sacred embodiment. 


CLASS ONE: Tuesday July 12 @ 7 pm ET

The Root of Our Confusion
Read: Introduction—Seeking Sophia
Discussion Topic: Reflecting on the faith stories we inherited

CLASS TWO: Tuesday, July 19 @ 7 pm ET

Bridging the Gaps: Gender, Faith & Body
Read: Chapter One—The Uniting Force of Yoga
Discussion Topic: Reflecting on the gaps in our faith journeys

CLASS THREE: Tuesday, July 26 @ 7 pm ET

Yoga as a Spiritual Embodiment
Read: Chapter Two—The Heart of Yoga
Discussion Topic: Reflecting on yoga philosophy and how it intersects, builds upon & adds embodiment to you spiritual experience

CLASS FOUR: Tuesday, August 2 @ 7 pm ET

Resurrecting Our Mystic Heritage
Read: Chapter Three—Recovering Yoga
Discussion Topic: Considering how to incorporate ancient mystical practices into our modern day lives

CLASS FIVE: Tuesday, August 9 @ 7 pm ET 

Learning Spiritual Lessons Through the Body
Read: Chapter Four—Lessons From the Mat
Discussion Topic: Reflecting on lessons we’re learned by doing rather than hearing, reading or seeing & how we can cultivate this as a practice

CLASS SIX: Tuesday, August 16 @ 7 pm ET

Cultivating Clarity by Tuning into Sophia in Us
Read: Conclusion—Living With Sophia
Discussion Topic: Reflecting on how you will incorporate embodiment and attune yourself to stay connected to Sophia


Questions? Email Monette at [email protected].

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Sophia Rising

Women Share Their Experiences With This Work

"In Sophia Rising ancient wisdom reaches across time and space to touch each person in a unique way. This provocative and well-researched book challenges our ofter paternalistic and ethnocentric views of God and the Christina faith."

~ Christine Sine, Author of Return to Our Senses

"Sophia Rising is a must read for all women!"

~ Christy Turlington, Author of Living Yoga

& Maternal Health Advocate


"Sometimes there is a digging in of heels because Yoga is not Christian and doing Yoga is seen as being unfaithful to one's faith. I will recommend this book over and over as a tool to realize that Yoga is a gift to oneself and to one's faith. Yoga Asana IS Prayer in motion.

I was raised Catholic and choose to not be part of the religion because I have always felt like something was missing: the She was left out of divinity. Yoga brings us home to the energy that we are all divine and divinity is both male and female, dark and light..."

~ Paula M. Youmell, Functional Medicine RN

“Monette has given me numerous tools to move beyond the typical Western physical yoga practice—Sophia Rising celebrates the commonality between yoga and the world's major religions...she's captured what is unspoken in the space between poses and breath, giving me permission to release where I've he'd back."

~ Misha Laird, Yoga Director at the Houstonian Club