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Your Eyes Are Opened. Now What?

When you awaken to reality to find the fairy tales of patriarchy slipping away, there is a natural disorientation.

We want to be your compass.

A community of powerful women led by teachers who have walked the exact terrain you are encountering.

Because we were enculturated to believe we needed salvation, we now need new tools to reclaim our self-sovereignty.

There are as many paths forward as there are women. We offer stand-alone classes, events and memberships to meet you wherever you are.

Choose your own reclamation adventure:

Our deep dive courses  illuminate and clear systemic blocks to achieving self-sovereignty. These classes include archetypal reclamation as well as reclamation of self-sovereignty over our bodies, beliefs and more.

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Our regular rhythm includes discussions with authors exploring the many paths to reclamation (In Her Own Words Book Club); sacred services with priestesses and secular guides (Meet Her at the Altar); and weekly support groups that utilize the 8 WomanSpirit Insights created by Patricia Lynn Reilly (Wisdom Circles).

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Welcome, I'm Monette.


I am a feminist scholar, author, and founder of WomanSpirit Reclamation.

My mission is to support awakening women in reconnecting to their self-sovereignty.

Why? Because the sacred herstory that flows beneath the surface changes everything for women who tap into it.

My path to this hidden feminine knowing included yogic wisdom—which connected me to my body— and archetypal reclamation—which illuminated new ways of being a woman in the world.

I am so glad you're here. After millennia of equating divinity with masculinity, there is much to be reclaimed. 

Your Guides


Our team is the magic behind WomanSpirit Reclamation. We are diverse in many ways & come to you from across the country. We curate intergenerational circles, bringing expertise in women’s empowerment, herstorical reclamation, feminist thealogy, political activism, group facilitation, yogic philosophy and mindfulness training. You will find our entire team at most of our community gatherings. We work behind the scenes and hand-in-hand with our members.

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Courses require separate registration and ALL events are included in our Sovereign Sisterhood Membership.

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