Your Eyes Are Opened. Now What?

When you awaken to reality to find the fairy tales of patriarchy slipping away, there is a natural disorientation. We want to be your compass. A community of powerful women led by teachers who have walked the exact terrain you are encountering. Because we were enculturated to believe we needed salvation, we now need new tools to reclaim our self-sovereignty. There are as many paths forward as there are women. We offer stand-alone classes, events and memberships to meet you wherever you are.

Course Offerings 

We are pleased to offer two tracks to support the necessary reclamation work of women—a  personal track called Sovereignty School and a historical track called Lessons in Lineage. Courses in these tracks can be mixed and matched to suit your needs or followed as a cohesive curriculum.

Between the two tracks, in 2022 you will find nine courses on topics ranging from freeing ourselves from racism and patriarchy to restoring our relationship with our bodies to reclaiming sacred feminine archetypes including Mary, Eve, Lilith and Sophia.



Our Sovereign Sisterhood membership provides the support we need to break out of the patriarchal reality into which we were born.  

We have incorporated courses, community and embodiment into this membership program designed to support your patriarchal unraveling.

Through ritual, conversation, sisterhood, song, movement and access to goddess scholars, priestesses and practitioners, we will unravel together.


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This is where you can see all of our events at a glance. Click on an event for details. Courses require separate registration. All other events are included in our Sovereign Sisterhood membership program. 

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