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Decolonizing Wellness explores the overlooked issue of BIPOC and LGBTQ representation in health and nutrition. It courageously confronts the biases that create body image concerns for queer people of color, presenting a powerful antidote to mainstream body positivity resources that often neglect intersectional challenges. The book provides a roadmap to body acceptance, self-care, and personal well-being, emphasizing the importance of decolonizing nutrition for both personal and community wellness and the potential for greater social transformation.

Penned by Dalia Kinsey, a seasoned dietitian and nutritionist, this insightful guide confronts the deep-seated biases in the health and wellness industry, offering an empowering perspective specifically designed for BIPOC and LGBTQ folks, but equally relevant and transformational for all individuals seeking holistic wellness.

This book isn't about 'fitting into' the wellness industry—it's about reshaping wellness to honor and include us. Together, we're not only decolonizing wellness—we're reclaiming it.




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