We are pleased to offer deep dive courses to support the necessary reclamation work of women. These courses provide a space to deepen the work we do together in our Sovereign Sisterhood.

Each course includes weekly Zoom classes, recordings, an online classroom and a private group for conversation between classes.


Become Your Own North Star &

You Will Never Be Lost 


Our Vow of Faithfulness journey is an ever deepening series of circles where we will gather to return to what we have known to be true and precious to us, but may have forgotten.


It is no coincidence that we will begin our vow journey on the day before Valentine's Day.


Imagine refusing to abandon yourself for others' desires.


This is a foundational journey of self-discovery, during which we will craft uniquely personal vows of faithfulness to ourselves in sacred circle.


This course is based upon decades of work Patricia Lynn Reilly has done with women to recover what women have lost within patriarchy which enculturates us to be "self-less" and condemns us when we appear "full of ourselves."


During our six weeks together, we will be full to overflowing, the outpouring of our true selves channeled into vows that will serve as our own North Star.


It will be a glorious excavation and affirmation of our essential goodness led by Monette Chilson & Dominique Williams.

~ Class Meetings ~

Tuesday, 2/13 @ 7 pm ET

Tuesday, 2/20 @ 7 pm ET

Tuesday, 2/27@ 7 pm ET

Tuesday, 3/12 @ 7 pm ET

Tuesday, 3/19 @ 7 pm ET

Tuesday, 3/26 @ 7 pm ET

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