What if your body is not the problem?


Trust the path from exile to embodiment to bring you home to yourself.


Until we imagine something, it remains an impossibility.

Once imagined it becomes our experience.

Imagine a woman who is glad to be alive.
A woman who has released body-scrutiny and body-criticism.
Who honors her body with reverence and respect.
Imagine yourself as this woman.

—Patricia Lynn Reilly


Our culture tells us over and over again—overtly and covertly—that our worth as women is all tied up in how well we meet some arbitrary patriarchal beauty standards. Never is this more apparent and insidious than in January when we are all supposed to "fix" our "flaws" in honor of the new calendar year. 

Seeing the absurdity of a mindset is the first step to escaping it. What is the next step? Finding a guide to lead you into a new paradigm and a group of women to share your journey.


During our seven sessions together, we will retrieve our bodies from lifetimes of restrictive definitions and expectations, replacing the criticism-based messages that assault our minds, bodies, and spirits on a daily basis with a vocabulary of reverence.


 In this course, based on her book Love Your Body Regardless: From Body-Judgement to Body-Acceptance, Patricia will guide you to unearth the thoughts, mindsets and habits beneath your body-critical behaviors. It is this internal landscape that either supports or sabotages our ability to achieve the quality of self-love and emotional health we desire.

The movement from exile to embodiment is activated by fasting from old thoughts, critical words and image-based habits, and feasting on new thoughts, reverent words and essence-based habits.

You are invited to show up just as you are and to bring curiosity, self-compassion and non-judgmental self-acceptance with you.



Reclamation in Community

We will journey together from feeling exiled from our own body to true embodiment—being at home at last in our own skin. Classes meet the on the following Tuesdays in February & March at 12 noon ET / 11 Central Time.

Tuesday 2/15
Tuesday 2/22
Tuesday 3/1
Tuesday 3/8
Tuesday 3/15
Tuesday 3/22
Tuesday 3/29
Count Me In!

Patricia Lynn Reilly

Patricia has been inspiring women for over 25 years. Her iconic books, poems and trainings have traveled around the world. Patricia's earlier books include A God Who Looks Like Me: Discovering A Woman-Affirming Spirituality, Be Full of Yourself: The Journey from Self-Criticism to Self-Celebration, Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself: Embracing Your Wholeness & Wisdom, I Promise Myself: Making A Commitment to Yourself & Your Dreams, Words Made Flesh: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose, and A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman's Perspective

Author-Led Book Discussion


In this recording of Patricia Lynn Reilly's discussion of her book, Love Your Body Regardless, she takes us through the three phases of a woman's life, illuminating the path to a harmonious relationship with our bodies.


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The Book Behind the Course

Published by Girl God Books in 2021, Love Your Body Regardless by Patricia Lynn Reilly will invite you to look at your body with your own eyes, develop your own relationship with your body and create rituals to support and celebrate your body through each season of life.

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Coming Home to Our Bodies

Women Share Their Experience with Patricia's Love Your Body Regardless Class


“On a daily basis, I now affirm the goodness of my body as it looks right now. This affirmation is essential because daily I'm bombarded by images of the perfect body and messages that my life will be perfect if I just lose ten pounds. The daily assault on my body is painful.

More often than not now, I am completely happy with my body. In this healed frame of mind, I don't want to change a thing. I don't want to begin a new exercise or diet regimen. I want to live my fantastic life.”

Love Your Body Regardless Class Participant 

“Thanks to Patricia’s book I now know that my body is not defective.

Even pain has a purpose. It signals that I’ve become disconnected from my body. I now notice discomfort in its early stages. I’m eager to listen to it and to use the tools I have to work with it. I breathe into the pain and ask: how can I release you? Then I use focused breath and specific movements to release the stuck painful energy.”

Love Your Body Regardless Class Participant


“I’ve finally made peace with my body. I no longer desire the air-brushed images of youth portrayed in the media.

The delicate spidery lines on my legs have stories to tell. I know which ones appeared after which pregnancy and their significance. They remind me of my importance. I once held and nurtured a life within my body.”

LYBR Class Participant


“I'm an active participant in sexual exchanges now. I initiate experiences that feel pleasurable to me.

I’m astounded by this change in behavior because before attending this circle, I always followed men’s lead.

Where did this sexual assertiveness come from? It comes from within me and it’s very empowering.”

LYBR Class Participant

“Through talking about my natural bodily processes with women, a healing light has shone into the darkness and shame that surrounded my body since puberty. 

In the company of women, I expressed my fear of aging. I’ve been given gifts of insight that help me to accept the facts of my life, that I will never have my own children. The community of women has helped to repair the broken connection to my own femaleness. I now believe I am part of the divine.”

LYBR Class Participant

Experience True Embodiment

Join a group of women going deep together and exploring our complicated relationships with our bodies in a whole new way. It's time to reclaim our wholeness. No more shaming language and no more trying to fix what was never wrong with you. Questions? Email Monette at [email protected].

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