Save My Seat

A Mythic Meditation with Kohenet D'vorah Grenn

Sunday, March 12 @ 12 noon ET / 11 am CT / 9 am PT


This month's Meet Her At the Altar will feature a descent with Inanna-Ishtar and a fleeing of false paradises with Lilith, held by Kohenet D'vorah Grenn of The Lilith Institute.


Join us for an hour of sacred connection—with mythic archetypes, with our deepest knowing, and with each other.


This is the "church" your soul has been yearning for.


Following our deep, guided meditation, we will open our circle to share the journey with each other. Holding space and honoring each woman's wisdom. 



What would it feel like to journey home to who your have always been?

To travel there with archetypal guides?

To peel away the layers of indoctrination & return home?


This is a pay-what's-aligned offering.

Please use the "save my seat" button to enter into an energetic exchange with us. 


Count Me In!