“Imagine a woman whose vow is her north star, her guiding light, the faithful breath she returns to in the midst of every season and situation of her life. Imagine yourself as this woman”


 ~ Patricia Lynn Reilly


In this course, lovingly held as a sacred circle via Zoom, Monette Chilson and Dominque Williams will build upon Patricia Lynn Riley's decades of work in helping women craft statements of self-sovereignty and returning home to their authentic flow. This circle will culminate in a Vow Ceremony on March 26.


This journey back to self has helped women center into themselves in many ways including:

  • Cultivating self-worth by recognizing & honoring gifts & contributions. 


  • Releasing the inner critic & making room for new explorations. 


  • Rejecting shame of patriarchal religions & cultures & reclaiming our goodness.  
  • Embracing our inner resources & recognizing our self-sufficiency.
  • Bringing forth capacities for non-judgement, mindfulness & compassion.


Our Vow of Faithfulness circles are built on self sovereignty, where we stand firmly within our flow of inner wisdom and timing. This timing may culminate in the creation of our vow in the vow ceremony, or in the choice to witness and hold space for the vows offered to the circle.


We are honored to welcome women who crafted their vows during previous vow ceremonies and those who joined us last year and are now ready to make their vow.


Shellee Layne, our Vocal Reclamation Guide, will tune us into an embodied state at the start of each session, using voice, breath and movement practices that we will build on weekly.




Reclamation in Community

Classes meet the on the following dates in February and March at 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT / 4 pm PT.

Recordings & online classroom provided.

Tuesday 2/13
Tuesday 2/20
Tuesday 2/27
Tuesday 3/12
Tuesday 3/19
Tuesday 3/26
I'm Ready to Vow to Myself!

Vowing Faithfulness to Ourselves is Foundational


Join a group of women going deep together as we descend and emerge able to articulate our essential truths. This reclamation is foundational  but never encouraged by our culture that teaches women and girls that vows to another take precedence over all else. 


Circle 1: Tuesday, February 13

Reflection: Turn Toward Yourself

Imagine a woman who turns toward herself with interest and attention.
A woman who turns inward to listen, remember, and replenish.
Whose capacity to be available to others deepens as she is available to herself.


Circle 2: Tuesday, February 20

Reflection: Home is Always Waiting
Home is always waiting. It is as near as a conscious breath, conscious contact with your body, and a descent into the wholeness, wisdom, and truth of your inner life.


Circle 3: Tuesday,  February 27

Reflection: Your Breath

Imagine a woman who lives an embodied life.
A woman who has returned home to her breath.

Who breathes consciously in gratitude for life itself.

Circle 4: Tuesday, March 12

Reflection: Your Body

Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.

Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as exquisite resources.

Circle 5: Tuesday, March 19

Reflection: Your Inner Life

Imagine a woman who discovers the way home to herself.
A woman who descends into her own inner life.
Who reunites with her essential self and reclaims her natural capacities.

Circle 6: Tuesday, March 26

Reflection: A Vow of Faithfulness

Imagine a woman who has grown in knowledge and love of herself.

A woman who has vowed faithfulness to her own life.
Who remains loyal to herself. Regardless.

In this sacred ceremony we each claim the woman we have been imagining over our weeks together. In the presence of sisters, we vow faithfulness to ourselves and hold space for each woman's unique expression of her essence.



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