Meet Your Guides

Monette Chilson (Founder/Creatrix) is an excavator of our sacred feminine lineage. She founded WomanSpirit Reclamation to support women in navigating their awakening from patriarchal indoctrination through online courses and community. She has written and spoken about the divine feminine for the past decade, focusing on reclaiming stories of sacred female archetypes and their embodied expression. Her books include Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga and My Name Is Lilith.

Monette's Sheroes:

Sue Monk Kidd, Author & Novelist
Patrician Lynn Reilly, Feminist Theologian & Author
Maya Angelou, Poet & Author

Adriana Sottosanti (Group Facilitator) has been facilitating women’s support groups for twenty years. She is passionate about women remembering the truth of who they are and living their best life. Her approach to facilitation has been informed by training in self awareness, mindset and wellness.  As a facilitator, Adriana knows that deep within everyone has all the resources they need and loves guiding and being a catalyst for women tapping into their power. As the Group Facilitator for WomanSpirit Reclamation, Adriana leads weekly Wisdom Circles and meditations for our community. She is a native New Yorker who hails from Queens.

Adriana's Sheroes:

Oprah Winfrey, Philanthropist, Media Mogul & Change-maker
Brené Brown, Research Professor, Author & Speaker
Geneen Roth, Author & Wellness Advocate

Dominque Bryant Williams (Community Curator) is an aspiring playwright and researcher/activist in the realm of gender, race and class discrimination. She studied Marine Biology and Environmental Science at the University of California Santa Barbara, and dives deep into the work of inner child reclamation and rest as resistance. She is at work on a project based on the untold aspects of US history. Her goals include climate change action, alternative education, and establishing a community center.

Dominique's Sheroes:

Dr. Christena Cleveland, Theologian
Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, Astrologer
Nayirrah Waheed, Poet

Shellee Layne (Vocal Reclamation Guide) 

Shellee has been singing, writing and performing music since childhood. 

Since embarking on deconstructing and reconstructing her faith in her 20s, sh's added more spiritual components to her work, using creative meditations, guided conversation and vocal intelligence exercises as a way to navigate emotions and develop a vast sense of self for creative/sensitive humans trying to exist in a not-so-sensitive world. She calls her work “Music & Humaning” because she hopes to guide people into a life long practice of trusting their humanity in order to deepen their experience of spirituality through music and ongoing self awareness.

Shellee's Sheroes:

My Mother Debbie (taught me how to nurture and love)
Amy Grant (taught me to sing my truth, even when it is laden with questions)
My Daughter Z (is teaching me bravery and non-conformity)

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