A Complicated Celebration of Motherhood

May 08, 2022


Mother's Day can be complicated on the best of years. This year, even if you have a loving mom who's still alive (I do) and kids who are thriving (also true for me), there is a cloud that hangs over the day. 

The cloud is the looming leaked decision that would force women to become mothers. Without their consent. Regardless of their needs. Not considering their medical history. No regard for the circumstances of conception. 


The idea that motherhood could be mandated stands in stark contrast to the outward celebration of mothers happening all around us. 


Do we respect women or don't we? Do we trust women or don't we?

I don't want a celebration that does not include respect of my autonomy. I am not the Hallmark card mom who is celebrated as "self-less." How twisted that we celebrate women for losing themselves. 

I encourage every woman—regardless of their stance on the pending Supreme Court decision—to process their feelings around the pending legislative stance on a woman's sovereignty over her own body. 


How you process is up to you. You know yourself best which is kind of the point of this whole issue.


I have friends who are painting, posting, podcasting, writing, researching, praying, meditating, hiking, dancing, crying. I also have friends who are napping. Just as valid.

I am processing on this Mother's Day by claiming this day as mine. Don't wait for someone to celebrate you the way you want to be celebrated. Claim it. Don't do the stuff that you "should" do, do what makes you come alive. 

I made a giant pot of chai and all the breakfast foods and grazed all day. I ate homemade bread that my husband baked. I used all the milk, and I am not leaving the house to buy more. I am writing this blog because I never make time to blog anymore, and I miss it. 


And then, when this day is over, I will do what I do best—mobilize women for the task at hand. I have been doing this my whole life.


I organized a talent show in first grade and a Mickey Mouse Club in fourth grade. We met daily at recess to sing and dance—wearing our mouse ears, naturally.

As an adult, I have organized new mom gatherings, neighborhood traditions (Christmas for the Critters), yoga classes, book clubs, a boarding school mom's group. Basically, if I needed a way to connect with my people, I created it.

So what am I bringing to you now, my people? I am so glad you asked.


I am bringing in a fabulous facilitator one week from today to lead us in a healing from the cultural distrust of women and their knowing that has plagued us since Eve bravely bite into the apple. 


Bergan Hyde of WOMB will join us at Meet Her At the Altar on Sunday, 5/15 @ 3 pm ET (which is 2 pm CT and 12 noon PT) to lead us in a healing of the witch wound. 


That is the wound we all carry from a culture that constantly reminds us through word and action and law that we are not in charge and cannot be trusted.


The consequences of this cultural distrust of women have been as severe as burning at the stake and as insidious as an inability to function financially in society without a man (a women could not get a credit card in her own name until 1973). 

Meet Her At the Altar is a monthly gathering of our Sovereign Sisterhood, one of the many regular ways we support each other in recovering from the patriarchal indoctrination we were born into.

Membership starts at just $29 a month. Untangling yourself from the unconscious influence of patriarchy is the best investment you'll ever make. Get connected here.


Art by Sheila Hall at Media Profunda—look for a cross-promotion with her coming soon!



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