The Stories of Our Lives

Jul 09, 2021


They are just things. I keep telling myself that.

But why, then, am I hiding in my library while strangers (and a few friends) come and cart my life away? Why am I fighting back tears while writing this?

Because are stories are containers for our memories. They organize our life into shareable bits. They allow us to share who were before when we meet someone new. And the things? They are the props in this production we call life. They help us set the scene, and they tether us to our stories. They hold the energy of all that happened in and around them.

I have not hidden myself away completely during this auctioning of a huge hunk of my worldly possessions. I have ventured out and gotten to know some of the new owners of these props of mine. I am mostly proud of the energy they hold and that I'm passing along. And the people on the receiving end? So lovely. They, of course, all have their own stories which now intersect with mine through these items that I am releasing and they are welcoming.

Can I share a few here? Because I need a break from seeing our life walk out the front door, friends. 

There was the mother and teenage son who bought the fancy Japanese tray and bowl set that Captain John (my dad's fraternity brother who never had a family and became part of ours) brought back when he was serving oversees. The son is a budding chef with a penchant for Asian cuisine. Who doesn't love a teenager who cooks for their family?!

There was the woman who brought all my vegetarian cookbooks because she and her daughter are thinking about going vegetarian.

There was the older gentlemen who walked slowly and stooped, while loading up all the Christmas ornaments that his Christmas-loving wife will sell in her shop which I picture as eclectically charming and overflowing with treasures.

There was the man whose teenage son skateboards and to whom I gifted the skateboard ramp my own teenage son made. 

There was the man who bought some biking accessories of my husband's and who was thrilled to have me throw in a bunch of triathlon and outdoor gear that I found after the auction was set up.

There was Elizabeth, a barista by day and flutist in her spare time. I met her at Starbucks (my original coffice), and we bonded over our flutes. When she picked up my old high school flute which she'd bought, I played my new drone flute that my kids got me for Mother's Day.

And then there was Krishna. Krishna grew up in India and has been a journalist in Houston for decades, bridging the gap between Indian and American culture with his words. He's older and brought a helper to pack up the many items he'd bought. We visited the whole time his helper was gathering and loading. We talked about growing older and staying curious. We talked about Ayurveda and yoga. I signed one of my books and gave it to him. He said he would think of me because he'd have so many of my things in his house. 

All this got me thinking about stories. How helpful it was for me to learn the stories of the people who were giving a new home to my things. It became an energetic exchange rather than just a monetary one because we shared our stories.

Stories hold such power. 

And it give me a new perspective on the storytelling series I'm hosting this month. We are taking stories that have been suppressed and distorted, and we are giving them new life. We are passing on their energy to you.

We are gathering to hear the tales of Medusa, Inanna, The Morrigan and Lilith. The authors from our four most popular "My Name Is" books are reading these stories, and our beloved Arna Baartz has recorded a lovely mini-art lesson for us that we'll be watching in a couple of weeks. 

Our youngest Girl God Books author, five-year-old Violet Hickey and her mom Kelly will be joining us this coming Wednesday to share the story behind the book they wrote together. It all started with a dream that carried Violet away to see the goddesses. Join us to hear the rest of the story and to begin to reclaim the stories of women whose holiness has been obscured for way too long. 

The recording of our first session is up and ready for viewing. Jump in and join us for goddess exploration every Wednesday in July (12 noon EST & 11 a.m. Central).  Link below to join us!

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