Take Your First Step Toward Self-Sovereignty

self-sovereignty Sep 09, 2023

Yes, a literal first step. Walking in the woods is a go-to centering practice for me. When I am there, I notice more. And there is beauty everywhere. The woods are very accessible from my house. What unique beauty is accessible to you?


Start by looking around you and finding a path that calls to you. It can be around the edges of your backyard, noticing which blooms are new and which ones are returning to the earth. It could be something practical, like the trek to your mailbox or to a neighbor's house. Or to that park that you haven't explored because you don't have a dog or a child begging you to go. 


Go just because you want to explore your surroundings. Your curiosity and your longing is all the permission you need. 


If we want to be self-sovereign beings—living lives aligned with our own truths (not with shoulds or trends or others’ expectations)—seeing & reveling in the beauty that already exists all around us is a good place to start.


Every moment of presence will bring you closer to the version of you who’s been waiting to show herself. Mother Nature is a wise and wonderful teacher. Heed her call and that of your inner truth.


Go ahead, take the first step toward your self-sovereignty. It will look a lot like a stroll through nature. No pushing. No counting steps. No goal except for noticing what is—outside of you and within you.


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