Vow Faithfulness to YOURSELF this Valentine's Day

Feb 05, 2024

It may feel countercultural. Our of synch with the romantic love fest going on around us as Valentine's Day nears. Celebrate the beauty of your romantic relationships, yes, AND spend some time tuning into the places you may be abandoning yourself in your romantic relationships and in your life.  

How can you come back into alignment—back into your authentic flow?

It starts with knowing who you are, beneath the shoulds, the expectations and the programming. We are offering a space this month and next to dive into YOU, re-membering what matters most to you; what lights you up; what sacred feels like.

During our six weeks of gathering in sacred circle, we will use embodied practices of voice, breath and movement to call forth what we've forgotten. In a lovingly held circle, we will share and witness, We will vow faithfulness to ourselves as we come to know her and to love her.

Does that sound so foreign as to be impossible?

Because it can be hard to envision what a vow to yourself might look like, we are offering a chance to gather before the circle launches to hear the vows of women who walked with us last year and witness as they share the ways the vow has guided them. You can save your seat at this open-to-all gathering here.

And beyond that sacred Vow of Faithfulness container, we are bringing in a few of our six pillars of reclamation this month to support you in stepping into the radical notion that self-knowledge and self-commitment is not selfish. In fact, self-knowing and self-honoring help us become so full of ourselves—our passion, our energy and our truth—that there is plenty of us left to spill out onto a hurting world.

Our self-commitment becomes our activism.

Our first pillar—connect with your spirit—will be bolstered through Becoming: A Ritual in Story & Song, in which we will dive into a series of evocative songs by our Vocal Reclamation Guide Shellee Layne to unearth some of the beauty we have hidden or tamped down in the name of conformity and people pleasing.

Maybe it was lost when we twisted ourselves into shapes that were not ours for a romantic partnership, a career or to be the pretty, pleasing and polite woman the world holds up as the gold standard of femininity.

We will let what we stir up settle into or sisterhood's monthly Rest & Liberation Circle, led by Dominique Williams, our Community Curator. Rest, our second pillar, is an essential part of teaching our body that it's safe to ignore the cues it receives constantly from a culture that equates productivity with worth.

This is the somatic legacy of capitalism We did not create this conditioning in us, but it is ours to undo. Make time to practice intentional, unearned rest with us or on your own. 

We invite you into any part of our rhythm of reclamation that would help you re-member yourself during this season when so much emphasis is placed on romantic love and the cultural validation that comes from securing that.

Join us for the six-week Vow of Faithfulness Circle; meet us at the altar for our ritual in story and song with Shellee on Sunday 2/11; or join our Sovereign Sisterhood for a community to support you in all the areas that the systems we live in fail and derail us regularly. 

I'll leave you with our six-pillared benediction. Go forth and...



LISTEN TO THE WISE WORDS OF WOMEN (in books, podcasts, videos and in real life)




We would be honored to accompany on this journey. The doors of our Sovereign Sisterhood are open.

And have a beautiful Valentine's Day celebrating ALL the love in your life, starting with self-love.

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